How to read more books

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How to read more

Hey, we have all been there – you know, feeling like you should be reading more books. Well, in this post I will share with you my best tips on how to read more!

  1. Set a goal for yourself to read a certain amount of pages per day.

    I have set for myself the goal of reading 50 pages per day. Now, some days I am able to reach such goal and some other days I read as little as 10 pages. Hey, that’s better than nothing. And that’s exactly the point! By setting yourself a goal of reading whatever many pages, whether you reach it or not, you are reading! and eventually finishing lots of books.

  2. Create a masterlist of all the books you want to read.

    There are ton of lists out there of successful and famous people containing books that they recommend. You can use these lists to create a masterlist of your own. Pro tip: use Goodreads to create such masterlist! (And add me on Goodreads ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ˜‰)

  3. Take a book with you everywhere you go.

    fd47abfd98f474ba1a90e8194f52b377--smart-girls-stars-hollowWe can all thank Rory Gilmore for this tip.

  4. Spare a specific hour in a day that is dedicated to reading.

    This will depend on your schedule but, most people – including me – spare an hour before they sleep to reading a book.

  5. Make reading a priority.

    Actively seek reading. Instead of spending 3 hours on browsing social media, perhaps spend 2 hours on it and then that other hour you can spend reading!

  6. Read one book at a time.

    Or read multiple books at a time. Find the method that best works for you! I have found that reading one book at a time helps me read more and comprehend each book better.

I hope these tips help you! If you have a few minutes to spare you can also watch my youtube video on this topic where I discuss these tips in-depth :ย How to read more books

How many books did you read last year? Let me know in the comments section!




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