Top 3 Note-taking methods

Always write the date of your class at the top of the page and number the pages on the bottom. This will help you when reviewing as you can just go to the lecture notes given on a certain day and, if you have time you can even create a table of contents for your notes.


The Cornell note taking method:

You have to divide your page into three sections. Draw a vertical line in a quarter of your page and then draw a horizontal line near the bottom of the page like in the picture. On the right vertical section you will take notes of the lecture. On the left section, after class you will write any main ideas, cue words, or questions that will help when reviewing that topic. On the horizontal section, you will summarize your lecture notes. You should try to keep the summary concise and should be a few sentences long


The Mapping method:

This method requires you to write your notes like a mind-map. You write your main idea or topic on the center and then go adding ramifications as that idea or topic expands as you continue learning about that idea or topic.


The Outlining Method:

This is the method that I use because, I take notes on the computer and that’s just easier for me. You start with your main idea or topic, this can be general and, then as you learn more about that idea or topic, you can add more details about that idea or topic. You expand that topic using space indentation; to keep track of your ideas and details, you can use numbers, bullets, dashes, Roman numerals, etc. You can also use color coding (red for definitions, blue for main ideas, etc.)

Hope that helps,

Sincerely Gisselle.


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